Episcopalians are notoriously reluctant to even say the “E” word, let alone think of what it is — or practice it. But evangelism is at the very heart of the Gospel. It is about “proclaiming by word and example the good news of God in Christ.” It is central to Christian belief, and is part of being a practicing Christian.

But evangelism does not have to feel uncomfortable; in fact, it works best when we keep it simple. Do we talk about our church and faith with others? Do we tell people where St. Peter’s is? Do we mention Episcopal beliefs and positions when talking about the world situation or domestic changes? All evangelism has to be is a simple statement; proclaiming doesn’t mean preaching or haranguing. It is just simply expressing what we believe to someone else as part of our regular discourse.

Our Evangelism Committee is charged with being “the focal point of ideas, energy, and execution in welcoming people to St. Peter’s.” Among other things, we organize dinners to welcome newcomers, wear nametags and greet people in church. We are always looking for new and imaginative ways to tell the world about St. Peter’s  and to welcome and integrate newcomers.