United Thank Offering

The people of St. Peter’s are encouraged to use the blue UTO boxes (found on the Parish Hall information table) as an everyday habit throughout the year. Take one home with you and keep it in a convenient spot in your home for you and your family to use. Anytime you receive a blessing, someone does a good deed for you, you receive good news, you are thankful for the goodness of a friend, a new job, a new baby’s birth or recovery from an illness, just drop coins in the UTO box. Many members have been giving to the UTO for years and years!

At St. Peter’s we have two UTO Ingatherings a year in May and November. UTO boxes are brought in to St. Peter’s, and our collection is sent to the diocese, where it is recorded and sent on to the national UTO. UTO Grants are made throughout the world to those requesting money for various causes.