At a Time of Death

At a time of death, we grieve the death of someone loved, and give God thanks for his or her life. It is also an opportunity to reaffirm and proclaim the resurrection faith — that death is not an end, but “the gate to eternal life” (Book of Common Prayer, p. 483). As such, the ministries of the church are significant.

When a death is expected, a family member (or other) should notify one of our clergy, in order that last rites can be administered, and pastoral care can be offered, both to the person near death and to his or her family.

Funerals are planned by the family together with the Rector, in conjunction with the funeral home of one’s choice. One of our clergy will meet with the family to design and plan the liturgy, whether a funeral or memorial service, with selection of readings, eulogist (if desired), music, and so on. Either cremation or burial is appropriate.

Some people choose to plan their own funeral in advance, in order to reduce the emotional stress on their family at a time of death. To discuss this, please call one of our clergy.

Grief counseling is available from our clergy. A funeral is best thought of not as an end to grieving, but a context in which to grieve a death. Questions and faith issues are “loose ends” for survivors and are natural, even some time after a loved one’s death. Please call the parish office if you wish to make an appointment with our clergy.