Intercessory Prayers

During the service the congregation prays together for those on the Intercessory Prayer List listed in the service bulletin. In the Prayers of the People, we pray together for other churches in the Anglican Communion and our Diocese, our priests and members of our parish generally and specifically. Prayers can be said for loved ones who have died or are ill, grieving, or facing adversity. Prayers of thanksgiving can be said for joyous events such as marriages, births, anniversaries, or special people in your life. You may add your petition to the prayer list by filling out a prayer request form (in the pews), calling the parish office at (978) 922-3438, or simply adding it silently or aloud during the Prayers of the People.

The Prayer Circle is a ministry that offers prayers in confidence for parishioners who prefer not to have names read out loud during the services. Prayers may be requested by parishioners when they fill out a prayer request form found in the back of the church in a silver box. Prayer requests may also be emailed to Nancy Lian at . The list is updated weekly with any changes. We then pray during the week for those on the list. Names stay on the list for three months.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a new development here at St. Peter’s. Member of the parish knit or crochet prayer shawls that are then blessed at a special ceremony during the service, and distributed to anyone who is celebrating a wonderful event or going through a hard time, such as illness. If you know someone who could benefit from a prayer shawl, please contact the parish office.